Questions and Answers:

How long has this mod been in development?

In May 2008 it will be 2 years.

So will there be cannons?

Yes there shall be, we have a script now but we will be making a new one in the not too distant future.

What type of factions, if any, will be included?

For the MQ you get to choose either to join the Pirates or the Imperial Navy, both with different motives and benefits and of course they both will have a much different impact on the whole of the Abecean. As for the other factions, we are staying tight lipped about the others as a suprise is much more interesting, is it not?

How large is the world in which I shall play in?

I honestly cannot give exacts, perhaps "big" is enough said.

What will the forests be like, as in flora and fauna?

We have given great thought and continue to for the flora, one of our modelers is an Ace with plant models and continues to push out some amazing models that shall fully immerse the player, also we have some tricks up our sleeve for dangers to be found within the forest that are not fauna btw. As for the fauna, we shall have creatures like what would be found in a Tropical Rainforest, some panthers, spiders, monkies or apes(I hope), cyclops troll, Kahuna, and various other creatures still in the concept stage.

Will there be other types of forests, other than the tropical ones?

Yes but some are still conceptualizing.

Shall there be new books and notes for me to collect and read?

Yes many many new books, I hope by release we have 200 or hopefully somewhat close to that number, no matter what we shall have quality books that shall truly captivate and immerse the player in the world around them.

Will there be voice acting?

By the time of release I am hoping.

Will there be new weapons, armor, and items?

Yes surely, as of now we have some clothing and weapons but just cutlass'. We do have some plans for other weapons though. As for armor we have some that the Imperial Navy shall use and perhaps some other misc factions. There too will be many new items, enough to add great immersion to the mod itself.

What if I have a talent for writing, scripting, modeling, or texturing and I am looking to join a mod to better my skills or just to create something beautiful?

Firstly you should stop by the Ocean Studios Forum(click to redirected), and register(email validation required), after doing so go to the Introduction Forum, read the rule about joining in the pinned topic and then start an introduction thread.

I know I have asked 50 times but when shall it be released!?

Be patient as we are taking our time to make something masterful, fully immersive, and fun.

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