Below you will find self written bios by team members of the mod.

Some team members have chosen not to write a bio


Hello, I am the Project Lead of the Ocean Mod, of what I know of myself I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to modding the Tropical Rainforests. During modding I listen to film music and I am fully devoted to the Ocean Mod. In real life I occasionally put modding ahead of school work but for good reason I believe. At heart I am a pirate captain, more close to Barobossa from Pirates of the Caribbean, although I lack the beard still.

This mod is truly a major dedication of mine and of the whole team, we really hope to make something different  and something entirely beautiful, this is our goal, fun and beauty we hope to achieve.



Lead artist, co-lead concept, writer, and one of the leading creative minds of the team. At first glance, I just look like a seemingly sexy little green pill. But look closer, and see a super-human creative mind at work bringing up ideas from simple spells to the complex lifestyles of a completely custom Tribal village!


I'm the Lead Writer for the mod, although I haven't written as much as some of the others have. I am also a conceptualist for the mod and am glad to be part of a group with such a creative team spirit. I am a believer in people and love making up lore and creating images out of words. The Ocean Mod is a great piece of work which we have devoted much much time and effort into, and which I hope can be enjoyed.


A weaver of tales and spinner of thoughts, a master of phrases and a sorcerer of spelling....... Well actually A lead of concept and a Co-lead writer, I've written a hell of a lot of books for the mod, though only my recent works are truly developed. I've written many series' of books, some I doubt I'll finish... For now my attention is disturbed but I will be back in full throttle before long.


I'm Koniption, and am currently the lead modeler. I make mostly flora, but I throw in a few surprises here and there. I also know how to make simple Nifskope animations, texture my models, and am working on learning how to do custom creatures. I am a female...sorry, I don't do internet dating. After all, I can make my own man in my 3D program....or something equivalent to that, sort of. Heh...


Hi I'm Aventhorn, I am a 30 year old gamer from England. Yep even us oldies play games too haha. I made some pirate clothes for my character Renault way back when and another modder asked me for use of the clothes when he saw them in a screenshot and asked me to make some more.

I made not only some pirate clothes but some different variations of the oblivion cutlass such as daedric, dwarven, elven, imperial, glass, ebony, evil and plain.

After I started making the replacement textures using bits and pieces from the armour textures themselves OblivionMon asked me for use of these as well.

As much as I love the game I have always been dissapointed at the lack of sea based missions and goals. A lot of pirate and sea mods have came and dissapeared but I am proud to have played a small part in one that looks like and should be a major success.

 And remember, best things happen at sea.

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